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Viyom's Essence Living Room Sofas

A comfortable sofa set is a cornerstone for a comfortable home, and we are here with living room sofas that deliver comfort and charm in abundance. From plush cushions and deep colors to strict structure and faded pastels, the Essence collection features sofas that are perfect for all. The Essence collection is focused on clean lines and gentle curves. The simple designs pay homage to minimalist decor and find the grace hidden in delicate frames and understated colors. The Essence sofa set collection comprises small sofas ideal for a lonely corner in your living room and larger pieces that can act as a statement piece for your decor. The tasteful designs of these living room sofas make them an ideal choice for any style of decor. The simple grace of these sofas fits in well with homes featuring modern and contemporary decor. At the same time, the elegant finish helps add a grounded touch to homes decorated in a more lavish style. 

Putting comfort above all, these living room sofas never compromise on the cozy feel a sofa should have. Each piece of the Essence sofas collection is crafted with care to optimize that snug feeling while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look. With the Essence collection, you can surf through and buy a sofa online at your convenience. You can rest assured that you have found your one-stop shop sofa store that will fulfill all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a piece with gentle curves or something featuring sleek lines, you will find everything you’re looking for at this sofa center.

The Inspiration Behind The Essence Living Room Sofa Collection

The Essence living room sofa collection revolves around finding grace in simplistic pieces. The collection takes modest designs and breathes new life into them. With the flawless balance of bold colors and soft pastels, sleek straight lines, and refined arches, these living room sofas are a true example of creations that stun. This collection understands the importance of the perfect living room sofa goes beyond decor. The ideal sofa is often an extension of the family. It is a sturdy, immovable piece that ties your home together and gives you a warm feeling of familiarity and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a small sofa comfortable for snuggling into after a long day, or something that the entire family can enjoy, these sofas have it all. The Essence collection has a touch of benevolence that is rarely available in a piece of decor. Each sofa from this collection is fashioned with the utmost care to every minute detail, ensuring you get an exquisite living room sofa. With charisma in every line, the Essence sofas help you refine your decor.

Each piece in this collection focuses on a different fundamental characteristic of decor. Some pieces feature boundless curves and arches; that are reminiscent of the waves in the ocean. Other sofas hone in on sleek and straight lines that help remind us of the beauty found in the structure. With its stunning designs, the Essence collection is a great place to buy a sofa online. The variety of choices, the elegance of every piece, and the charm of these sofas are invaluable. The perfection of this collection could make Viyom Lifestyles your go-to sofa store from now onwards!

Types Of Living Room Sofas 

There is a long list of the types of living room sofas. Popular choices on that list include English, Sectional, Mid-Century Modern, Cabriole, Lawson, Canape, and more. An English sofa is a classic choice defined by its lightly rolled backrest and tight cushions. The piece is a perfect fit for almost every setting, though it is common in contemporary-styled homes. Sectional sofas are one of the most trending choices right now. A sectional sofa’s main advantage is its versatility, as you can customize it to suit your needs at that moment. They often feature an L or U shape ideal and are ideal for large spaces. Mid-Century Modern sofas have a retro appeal. Defined by their clean line and geometric shape, Mid-Century Modern is a great sofa for the minimalistic home. 

Cabriole is a more delicate design. Inspired by the 18th-century style of French king Louis XV, this sofa forms a subtle S shape and features curved wooden legs. Lawson sofas are pieces oriented for modern and minimalistic homes. They are shaped identically to a box and are well known for their comfortable build. The Canape sofa draws its inspiration from the Cabriole. The Canape features a continuous back-to-arm shape and a beautiful exposed frame. 

How To Choose A Sofa For Your Living Room

A living room sofa is an incredibly important part of your home. It will usually be where you spend most of your time, so a sofa set that is comfortable and appealing is a must. A  good sofa should also last you a long time.

A crucial detail to keep in mind while choosing a sofa is the color. 

  1. Since your sofa will be a significant addition to your room, the sofa must match the color scheme of the room. 
  2. You should ensure that everything isn’t in the same shade to avoid a drab-looking room. 
  3. At the same time, an overly bright contrast is also not a smart choice for a living room. 
  4. You should choose a sofa that leans into your overall color scheme and can add a pop of color without overpowering the rest of your decor. 

Since a living room sofa is a crucial part of your decor, it is also a savvy choice to choose a unique piece. A distinctive sofa set can help you make your living room as true to yourself as possible. The Essence collection comprises individualistic sofas, with every piece bringing something unique to the table. In this collection, you will find your perfect sofa, one where you can relax peacefully after a tiring day at work.

Why Choose Viyom Lifestyles

Viyom Lifestyles is a brand oriented towards excellence. With a team of interior designers who have 40+ years of expertise, we bring you detailed pieces that hold the power to elevate any space. Viyom Lifestyles works on a zero-inventory supply chain to reduce waste and embrace sustainability. Choosing Viyom means you are choosing to reduce your carbon footprint for a healthier planet Earth. With luxury embedded into all our pieces, we bring you furniture that goes above and beyond, helping you adorn your home with pure perfection. 

1. Do you have to have a sofa in the living room?

While there is no absolute rule stating that you have to have a sofa in your living room, it is usually an advantage to have one. The perfect living room sofa can often be the one piece of decor that ties a room together. 

The living room is also where people spend most of their day so having a comfortable sofa is a great choice. An ideal living room sofa can transform monotonous and ordinary rooms into a fun place where people love spending time. Since the pros outweigh the cons, it is usually better to opt for a living room sofa.

2. What is the best living room sofa?

Wooden and leather sofa sets in muted colors are often the most popular living room sofas. However, since the decor is a subjective choice, there can never be an outright list of the best living room sofa. While choosing, you should ensure that you pick a piece that you find beautiful. The perfect sofa can help make your living room more comfortable, and that should be your priority when making your choice. 

The Essence collection has a large variety of sofas with designs that will speak to everyone.  These living room sofas are a mixture of shiny colors and simple designs, so everyone can find a sofa they love. With its wide range and astounding pieces, the Essence collection is the only sofa store you need!

3. Which color is best for the living room sofa?

There is no best color for a living room sofa. While gray, black, and maroon are popular colors, they are not always the best choice you can make. You should choose the color of your sofa depending on the overall color palette of your living room. 

Pastel-colored sofas are often the best choice for rooms painted in bright colors. Rooms painted with deep-colored walls are best complimented by darker shades like gray and black. Depending on your decor, you can switch these choices to create a desirable contrast.

4. What is the best sofa for a small living room?

Small and snug sofas are usually the best option for a smaller living room. Where large sofas can take up to much space and create a look of clutter, sofa’s with a delicate frame can often compliment a small living room. 

Small sofas with matching ottomans or bean bags are often the perfect look for a small living room. The Essence collection has several choices for single-seater and 2-seater sofas, which would be a great fit in a cozy space. With a wide range of options in this collection, you can simply buy a sofa online that perfectly matches your living room. 

5. How to clean a living room sofa? 

You can usually clean your sofas with vacuums or get them deep cleaned by a professional. However, different types of sofas tend to require different types of cleaning. For cleaning a leather sofa, you can simply wipe it down with a soft, wet cloth regularly to maintain its shine. 

For materials like velvet, linen, and cotton, it is advisable to vacuum them once a month. If you have a polyester couch, you can simply give it a quick dry brush and vacuum up the debris. If needed, follow this with a damp sponge to remove stains. 

To keep your sofas in their best possible shape, you can get them deep-cleaned by professionals once in 6 months.