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Viyom Lifestyles - Sideboards for your space

The sideboard, a contemporary take on the traditional Credenza, is a chic storage and display piece that is a must-have for any home. To this day, sideboards remain one of the most underappreciated necessities of the contemporary home. The sideboard cabinets serve as an eye-catching centerpiece in the dining area and provide a valuable space for stowing tableware, presenting charcuterie, and exhibiting valued things. Items that tend to gather dust on the coffee table or the living room floor can find a new home on a Credenza. They combine the functions of display and storage beautifully. Sideboard cabinets were initially designed to replace traditional Credenzas. Still, their evolution into the multifunctional pieces we have today is evidence of how far the modern sideboard design has come. So, are you tired of looking at your boring old sideboards and cabinets? Would you like to maximize the storage potential of your sideboard? After all, this versatile piece of furniture is useful for storing dinnerware, serving pieces, and more. If you're in the market for a modern sideboard, consider browsing the extensive selection at Viyom Lifestyles online, where you'll find options like the Novi sideboard, Seneta sideboard, Oppo sideboard, and many more.

Let's Find Out What "Side Board" Really Means?

A sideboard, buffet table, or credenza is an attractive piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes: as a place to store items and display accents. Sideboard tables typically have storage drawers for silverware, dishes, napkins, and candlesticks. In addition to displaying ornaments, the Credenza top can serve as a serving space for entertaining a meal. The typical placement of a sideboard cabinet is opposite a wall in the dining room. While a Credenza's versatility allows it to be utilized in other areas, the dining room is where you'll most frequently see one.

Viyom Lifestyles: bringing comfort back to the buffets

The evolution of the sideboard has made it one of the most multipurpose furniture in the modern home. These things are perfect for decorating any space in your home due to their variety of designs and valuable features– 

Adds Charm To The Decor 
You instantly elevate the room's aesthetic when you put a sideboard table in your dining room. Elegant and visually beautiful, Credenzas are available in various sizes, colors, styles, and materials to suit any home's needs. Consider a farmhouse Credenza if you're after a traditional, country aesthetic. A hutch is an excellent addition to your modern sideboard when you want more space and a classic look.

Extra Storage Capacity 
A modern sideboard is perfect if you regularly need more storage space. A  credenza with drawers and cabinets that go all the way to the floor is an excellent investment if you need a lot of extra storage for things like dishes, cookware, holiday decorations, and more. Having these sideboard cabinets in a handy spot will be like having extra storage space.

Aids in Streamlining
Do you have difficulty parting with dish sets, silverware, and other tableware that you only get out for rare occasions but can't bear to part with? A dining room Credenza is perfect for storing and displaying such objects. Larger cabinets offer a secure, out-of-the-way place to store plates and other items, while smaller drawers are made for storing little, fragile utensils and decorations.

Builds a Display Area 
In addition to improving the aesthetics of your dining area, a sideboard table gives you a space to show off your best tableware and tabletop ornaments. You can put whatever you want on a Credenza, from dishes to family photos to souvenirs to paintings to sculptures. Some credenza includes a buffet table for showcasing your most prized dishes while they aren't in use, allowing you to put them to decorative use. Moreover, a sideboard table can provide much-needed extra space for displaying decorative items in your dining room.

Strong and Adaptable
The longevity and adaptability of a high-quality sideboard table are two of its most desired qualities. A Credenza constructed of durable material, such as wood, can survive for decades. The great thing about a modern sideboard is that it can easily be relocated to another room in your home if you ever get sick of having it in your dining room or decide to rearrange your furnishings.

Guidelines For Selecting A Dining Room Buffet Table  

There is a wide range of sizes and styles available for the Credenza. Here are some things to keep in mind while you shop for a sideboard that will complement your home perfectly.

Evaluate the Room
Check your dining area to determine what kind of sideboard table will look best before shopping. In what type of room would this new furniture be placed? What variety of finishes and designs would complement the current furnishings? To what end would you like to use the sideboard primarily? If you ask yourself these questions, you'll be well to identifying the ideal credenza for your needs.

Consider Style
Take into account the sideboard's design. Do you want something more classic, modern, or farmhouse chic? Pick a look that complements the current decor without competing with it.

Taking Height and Size into Account 
There is a wide range of sizes available for sideboard cabinets, so you can find one that is the perfect length and height for your space. It would be best to take careful measurements of your dining room's dimensions (including the width and size of the walls, the depth of the entrances, and the height of the existing furniture) before buying a sideboard. A buffet table needs to be just the right height so that food can be easily retrieved and served from above. Consider the typical 36-inch size of a kitchen counter. That looks about appropriate for a buffet in your dining room. However, there are buffets table between 34 and 38 inches in height. It's acceptable to have a sideboard taller than your dining table, which is usually between 28 and 30 inches, as long as the two pieces are in proportion to one another.

Materials Used To Make Sideboard Cabinets

Most sideboards are constructed of wood, but they frequently feature metal or glass embellishments. Pick a Credenza that will last for years and looks great in your space.

Metallic Consoles
These days, metal sideboards are the market's most common type. Metal Credenzas are more practical than wooden ones since they are more robust and endure longer. Iron sideboards are very popular since they are sturdy and survive for a long time. Steel sideboards are very common since they are resilient and straightforward to maintain. Let's add some fusion elements with our Kovin sideboard table. 

Glass Sideboards
The glass tops on the Credenzas are only part of their construction. The doors, however, are typically wood or metal, making the sideboard cabinet an entirely different piece of furniture. Glass is only used on the cabinet doors of sideboards since doing so enhances their aesthetic value.

Wooden furniture is the standard and most stylish choice because it always stays in style. Wooden sideboards continue to be well-liked due to their durability and longevity. Hardwoods such as oak, mango, mahogany, cherry, acacia, and walnut are frequently employed for this function. Moreover, having a modern and chic sideboard cabinet is the perfect place to store your beautiful tableware, serving pieces, and decorative accents. Viyom Lifestyles Abruzzo sideboard tables have been rounded off to make them more sturdy. It has plenty of room for your belongings, and it'll be the centerpiece of your dining room.

The dining room charm comes from the Viyom Lifestyles Credenza.

Shopping for a Credenza online with Viyom Lifestyles helps you to design a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for your unique needs, drawing on your ideas and our extensive industry knowledge. Allow us to assist you in realizing your design vision by selecting from our extensive product catalog or creating a unique piece of furniture per your specifications. Engage your creative faculties with the help of our eye-catching portfolio. Get rid of clutter and enjoy your house more with the help of a tailor-made closet system, integrated storage solutions, and bespoke furnishings. In each area, create a haven by selecting from our extensive sideboard tables, including the Veneto Sideboard, the Calabria Sideboard, the Emilia Sideboard, and many more.

1. What distinguishes a sideboard from a cabinet?

The sideboard can be used in many different ways. You may put them everywhere, from the living room as an ottoman or coffee table to the bedroom as a nightstand. As a versatile storage option, they come in various sizes and shapes and are ideal for tucking away blankets, pillows, and other items. 

The characteristics of sideboards shift based on their surroundings. A cabinet is a type of furniture that may conceal or show off its contents. They can be one or two stories tall, and their doors can be on either side.

2. How are buffets and sideboards distinct from one another? 

A buffet is an elongated, vertical cabinet with a level top. Their legs are lengthy. In the dining area, buffet tables are utilized to showcase dishes and serving utensils.

Sideboard tables typically have a flat top and short legs or none, allowing them to be placed directly on the floor. Aside from its apparent practicality as a serving piece, sideboards also make great storage units for extra napkins and seating cushions. They are versatile and may be used everywhere, including common areas like dining rooms, living rooms, and corridors.

3. What is a sideboard used for?

Sideboard tables quickly improve the look and functionality of any area in your house with the help of a sideboard. They have a compact design and short legs, making them simple to move and store without sacrificing style as a coffee table or ottoman. 

The sideboard cabinet can store blankets, pillows, and other miscellaneous items, depending on their placement. Its primary use in the dining room is to hold wine glasses. Modern sideboards are a great way to combine aesthetics with storage and functionality, though their specific functions will vary based on placement.

4. What are a sideboard and its importance? 

Although sideboards are most commonly used for stowing dishware and other household items, they can also showcase prized artwork or decorative objects. This furniture's primary function is ornamental storage in a living room or dining area. 

It's also handy for stowing bottles, cans, jars, jars of condiments, napkins, and other tabletop necessities. There are two distinct styles of sideboards, including those that mount to the wall and those that sit on the floor.

5. What do you call a cabinet in the living room? 

The term "sideboard" is also used to describe a cabinet placed in the family room. It's a stylish table utilized as an exquisite storage option for things like trinkets and knickknacks. 

Its singular style makes it a desirable piece of furniture for any interior. In addition, it has various characteristics that make it ideal for stowing away a wide range of household things in the dining area, kitchen, or living room.