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Find the Perfect Writing Desk | Best Prices and Designs at Viyom Lifestyles

While any table with a flat top could serve as a writing table, of late, people are beginning to understand its importance. A writing desk allows you to get into a mindset of focus and “getting work done” which is essential if you’re looking for optimum productivity. 

The reason why many homes don’t have a writing desk is that we tend to feel that it takes up too much space or is not necessary. However, with the increasing shift of organizations toward a work-from-home (WFH) policy, people have started to realize how crucial a writing table is. 

Types Of Writing Desks at Viyom Lifestyles

Since space is a central concern when looking for writing tables; it is imperative that the desk is compact and serves more than one purpose. Whether you’re looking for a modest workstation or a sophisticated style statement, Viyom Lifestyles has you covered. 

1. Writing Desk with Minimal Storage:

These types of writing tables have a simple rectangular desktop. The writing desk also features one or two drawers, with enough space to safely store your documents and stationery. 

This style of desk is compact and perfect for small spaces. Another upside is that these tables are affordable. Some of our best writing desks in this style include – The Cotswold Writing Desk and the Nottingham Writing Desk.

2. Writing Desk with Lots of Storage: 

It might seem like this writing table might take up a lot of space, but it is surprising how they seamlessly melt into your existing furniture. These writing desks have several drawers, deep enough to stack documents and oversized stationery items. 

Some desks feature drawers and shelves that allow you to have a small well-arranged library. The brackets make it super easy for you to find books and also allow for artistic designs, making them the center of attention. 

We offer a variety of writing desk designs in this style. Our favorite designs include – Hamilton Writing Desk, the Berkshire writing desk and book unit, and the Laurium Writing Desk.

3. Writing Desk with TV/computer Unit: 

Most of us don’t want our writing desk to stand out in a room. Often we don’t have much space, and it almost looks weird to keep a study table for students adjacent to the television. 

However, designs at Viyom Lifestyles help you imagine artistic ways in which you can use your space as per its best potential. It makes sense to have a computer on your work desk since most of our work today depends on the internet. These writing tables have a large rectangular top, that can accommodate a lot of documents and also accessories for the table. 

We also have designs with inbuilt Television units that are perfect for the bedroom. Some of our best designs in this category include- the Nottingham TV Unit and Writing Desk and the Berkshire Writing Desk + TV Unit.

Places to Set Up a Writing Desk

We’ve been subtly touching upon space problems when setting up a workstation. Here are some ideas on where you can put your writing table:

1. The Bedroom: 

A home office is rare in a metropolitan city where space is expensive. Many people opt to use a small foldable writing table that can be set on the bed. While this is not such a bad idea, research suggests that it can hurt your productivity. 

Working on your bed is counterproductive because your brain associates it with rest and sleep. An easy way to boost your energy and get into the mindset of working is to set up a small writing table in the room, preferably one that even fits with the television unit of your bedroom, saving up space.

2. The Study:

A home office or a study room is the ideal location for your writing desk. A dedicated room will allow you to place the table in the center of the room while all the other furniture revolves around making your work a productive experience.

A center placement of the desk also gives a more open and relaxing ambiance for studying and working.

3. The Living Room:

In most homes, the living room consists of the most random furniture that doesn’t go well together. 

This room is dedicated chiefly to entertainment and relaxation. Therefore a writing table would look quite absurd in such a room. However, Viyom Lifestyles offer versatile desk designs that easily blend with the living room's tv unit or other storage furniture. 

Importance of a Writing Desk 

Most people don’t realize how important it is to have a separate space for working and resting. We tend to make do with what we have and use any kind of flat surface as a writing table including dining or coffee tables. Here’s why you should invest in a writing desk:

1. Multiple Uses: 

Simply described, a writing desk is a flat surface that allows you to maintain good posture while your write. These desks also contain a drawer or shelves for storage. 

While most of them don't have much space to spread out your belongings, we have numerous more spacious ones that will fit you best. The adaptability of the writing desk is its strength. 

These tables are sometimes solely used as décor and are only utilized occasionally. If you want to utilize a writing desk for paying bills and working on your laptop, try adding some customizations with storage compartments, or make sure there are a few drawers available. 

2. Design Statement: 

All of our writing desks at Viyom Lifestyles are handmade from top-grade timbers. They're solid and functional, with exquisite craftsmanship to back them up. There are several styles to choose from Greek elegance to modern sophistication. 

All of our writing desks may be personalized to complement the decor of your workplace, family room, or bedroom. There are various colors to pick from and sizes to accommodate your area. 

Metallic accents for the desktop and power stations for plugging in are additional unique options that add to the opulent aesthetic of your space. As a result, you may alter your writing table from a functional workplace to a statement piece in various sections of the home.

3. Evokes Inspiration:

A clever, inventive, and unique design evokes the same inspirations in the user of a sophisticated writing desk. 

Writing desk designs are elegant and may inspire and stir the imagination. Other designs are simply elegant and perfect for a tiny space and work requiring less creativity and more focused concentration.

4. Comfort and Posture: 

We have tried sitting on our beds while studying or writing. While doing so we often hurt our backs, all while losing interest in what we’re doing. 

Viyom Lifestyles not only cares about the design but also the user’s comfort. Each writing desk has been constructed considering furniture ergonomics that are best for your posture and comfort. 

 Why choose Viyom Writing Desks?

Writing desks are an essential piece of furniture in any home. It is crucial to purchase furniture with a lot of thought and deliberation because these pieces with be a part of your home for a long time.

If you are looking for a writing table online, you can be confident that Viyom Lifestyles has all of the top selections. These options have been carefully selected to appeal to the diverse interests of several target groups, including students, writers, designers, working professionals, and company owners, among several others. 

We provide a specially curated selection of modern, contemporary, Greek, and ethnic study tables that are suited for different areas in your home. Each of our writing desks offers a variety of options to accommodate any budget, space, or requirement. Feel free to add a customization that fulfills your needs to get the best out of your experience at Viyom Lifestyles. 

1. What is the purpose of a writing desk?

A writing desk serves several purposes that go beyond merely writing and studying. These tables may be used for storage, a personal computer setup, or just as a simple design statement. Writing desks are also essential for maintaining a good posture. Thus, it is imperative that you choose a writing desk that best suits your needs. 

2. Why is a study desk important?

A study desk provides a dedicated place for work and studies in your home. Research by Havard students suggests that it is imperative that you have a separate place for rest and work so that your mind doesn’t erroneously associate the two together. Moreover, a study table for students also allows for better organization of books and documents.  

3. Can I use a writing desk as a computer desk?

Yes, a writing desk may be used as a computer desk. If you wish to set up your computer on a writing desk, ensure it has some space at the back for all the wires and preferably an inbuilt electrical unit. At Viyom Lifestyles, we offer writing tables that have extra room for an adjacent computer unit. One of our most popular designs that are big enough for a computer setup is the Epirus Writing Desk.