Our journey started during the pandemic when we noticed a significant gap in the Indian market for affordable designer furniture. With people spending a significant amount of time at home, it became evident that they desired a living space that was not only easy on the eyes but also offered functionality and a personal touch.

During our exploration, we discovered that the average Indian family harbors dreams of owning exquisite designer furniture. However, the exorbitant shipping costs and other associated expenses put these desires out of reach. This is why we decided to create VIYOM Lifestyles - a brand that puts designer furniture within reach of the modern-day Indian household.

VIYOM Lifestyles focuses on providing timeless, high-end furniture at our online stores, which enables customers to avoid the hassle and expense of traveling overseas to find exquisitely quality pieces. Furniture is not just a functional piece but an art form that adds character to your home.

Proceeding on this track, we joined hands to launch VIYOM Lifestyles, where the word ‘VIYOM’ literally means ‘Reaching for the Sky’.

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